Artist | Illustrator

Comedy Central: Created 40+ emojis for television show Key and Peele. 

"Enter: Key & Peele. Each week, we flip for the comedic duo. We also appreciate clever emoji use. Combine the two and it's Warholian rebus magic. We caught the below poster while outmaneuvering crowds at the 23rd street A train and immediately hit up Comedy Central for the Internet-friendly version. It's that good." -- Esquire

Washington Post: Created 68+ emojis for NCAA Men's Basketball tournament. 

"Those little emoji icons are cute as can be. Spend some time with them and you’ll find some you love." -- Charles Apple (full article)

GroupMe : Created over 300 original Emoji characters for the group messaging app, GroupMe. Emojis are used by millions of users everyday.

"As far as emoji icons go, GroupMe’s are distinctive and original to the app, not your typical yellow face with the same expressions." --

"From tacos to unicorns to a smiley face wearing a speedo, this set of visual brilliance fulfills some serious communication needs in the emoticon department." -- Brit&co (full interview)

Entertainment Weekly: Designed and illustrated 20 original emojis to be used for San Diego Comic Con 2015. See here

Brit+Co: Designed and illustrated 14 original "bro" themed emoji for April Fool's Day

Emojiary: Designed and Illustrated 35 Emoji for app and custom keyboard 

Barkbox: Designed and illustrated 25 original dog themed emoji as promotional material