Artist | Illustrator

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Designed and illustrated original emojis for the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. We worked on several of him and also characters from his show. The proceeds go to the Yellow Feather Fund.

NBC Olympics

Designed and illustrated original emoji for the 2016 Rio Olympics for NBC. They were used in a keyboard app built by Snaps Media, Inc and was featured in the iOS app store.


Designed and illustrated 70+ original emojis for Sephora's emoji keyboard. Each emoji has 12 skin tones and 5 hair colors to choose from. 

Comedy Central

Designed and illustrated original emoji for the television show Key and Peele. They were used as promotional material for the 5th season. Used in print ads, television ads, and a custom keyboard.

Washington Post

Designed and illustrated 88 original emoji to represent each of the mascots of the teams in the 2015 NCAA Basketball Tournament. They were featured on the Washington Post website, the front page and a 16 page insert. Art direction by Dan Worthington

Tampax UK

Designed and illustrated original emoji for Tampax educational commercials played in Europe. I made the assets and an animator put them together for the video. 

Kia Motors

Designed and illustrated original emoji for the Kia Soul Hamstar ad campaign. They were used on television and print media for their #sharesomesoul campaign. 


Designed and illustrated over 300 original emoji for GroupMe. The goal was to create a new set of emoji to represent GroupMe culture and users. 

Entertainment Weekly

Designed and illustrated 20 emojis for Entertainment Weekly's San Diego Comic Con booth. Used as a backdrop for celebrity interviews. I also recreated an emoji for an article in their magazine. 

Scholastic Magazine

Recreated apple emojis in hi-res and designed some new ones for an article about social media and teens. 

Emojiary App 

Designed and illustrated custom emoji for the app Emojiary. The goal was to have them fit in with the Apple set.

WaterAid Customizable Poop App

Designed hundreds of different poop emojis to be used in the #GiveaShit app, as well as 'celebrity poop' emojis for promotional purposes.

Brit+Co Bro-mojis

Designed and illustrated 14 original emojis for Brit+Co's April Fools' Day prank. Emojis were "bro" themed.

Ceaco Jigsaw Puzzles

Designed and Illustrated 15 Mickey Mouse themed emojis for a jigsaw puzzle. Goal was to "mickey-fy" some Apple emojis.